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Fantastic hat design from Moldovan designer

Среда Сен 7, 2011

As some of you know I am often participating in various contests, yet without results, but I am discovering so many interesting things and people! Well…and learning! First of all I am learning not to be shy. My biggest problem is that I always dream to create something great but I am shy to show my works…

Today, when I was again visiting Talenthouse.com to find some contest matching my «skills» (I wrote skills in quotes because I actually do not have skills but have tones of inspiration and try to transmit it through various means), I saw an article about the designer from Moldova who won the contest of hats design, initiated by Stephen Jones, one of the most well-known hatter. I was so surprised that a girl from our little country won!!! In that contest participated over 3 00 000 designers! Her design is absolutely gorgeous and her example is so inspiring for me, and I hope for you it will too! :) I am so happy for her!

Here is the work of Alinoa Kononova called «МОЁ» (Mine)

Don’t you think it is gorgeous? I wish Aliona good luck with her new projects and hope that one day I will create also something worthy :P



Envelope looking iPad case

Суббота Сен 3, 2011

Hey dears! I am back in business)) This summer was great for me! And what about your summer? I am sure you have a lot of good experiences!

And for the photos here, no my style again because I am lazy…But here is a new desing for iPad case. I decided to participate in the contest on talenthouse.com. I decided to make vintage looking scetch of the iPad case. Why I decided to stylize the iPad as an envelope? Because envelopes are such a nostalgic thing for us…who nowadays write paper letters? Nobody! We only receive bills in envelopes, but once these colorful envelopes with various postal stamps and postal cards changed people’s lives. They were so individual and unique because of handwriting, emotions, and even mistakes because then Microsoft Word didn’t fix the mistakes we make :)

Do you like this idea? If you do, then please vote for my design here.

Also on Talenthouse you can various contest that can inspire you too to create something!


Beige plaid and jeans for summer

Суббота Авг 27, 2011

Hey dears! How are you? I am going to the sea in a couple of days! I am happy that I will end my summer on the sea shore, hope that the weather will be great! I feel very bored these days because I work at home and manage my time by myself but most of my friends have full time jobs and I can’t go out often…Agh, I really feel bored! By the way I am going to the sea also by myself, I will visit my sister though, she lives near Odessa (there was a lot of posts about this beautiful city on my blog previosly!).  Oh…wish me a good vacation!

As for the outfit: I think you remember these DIY shorts, I wore them almost every day this summer! They are so comfy and I think that they can fit various styles, so here is the style for a chilly summer evening. I think the entire outfit cost me about $20 (except the bag), because almost everything is from thrift store! I know it’s not great to buy all the clothes from thrift store or flea market, but if I find something good, which costs in a normal store around $40, for only $0.50, so why spend more???


Have a great weekend dears!


P.s. sorry for my tired look, I was visiting my dentist that day, it’s such an exhausting activity!


Something totally forgotten

Воскресенье Авг 21, 2011

Hey dears! How are you? I am fine but a bit bored. Now I work at home and enjoy my free time. I am happy that I don’t have to wake up early and can go everywhere in usual working hours. But I think that it’s still not enough for me. Well, enough will be when I will definitely know that I am in the right place at the right time. Or something like this)) It seems that it’s time to make some life plan for a half of year or a year, like in Julie & Julia. According to the multiple “clinical trials”, it works! But I have to decide (carefully) what to include in my plan, because if I include too much tasks, I will feel disappointed in the end.
And what about you? Have you ever made «life plan for a year»?
And about the outfit, I totally forgot about these photos and this DIY brooch made for Victory Day (Victory in WWII). It is made from St. George’s Ribbon- the main symbol of Victory over Nazi Germany in WWII in Russia, and my granny’s cameo brooch. I especially chosen the sweater of yellow color because I think the ribbon colors look great with it. Hope you’ll like it, and have a great week!

One nice summer day

Среда Авг 3, 2011

Hey dears!
I always dreamed about making some photos of me lying on the grass, so this summer I implemented this little dream:) It just was an idea I wanted to do anyways. So one day we were walking with my friend in a nice park and made some photos. Actually, there are only few photos of me I really like (including those when I am lying on the grass!) and some very gorgeous pics of her. So here are some of the photos of me and my friend Veronica from that nice summer day. By the way, I wore her DIY ring which is super chic and I plan to do something similar when I won’t be lazy.
Here we go, I made some collages from my favorite photos and inserted lyrics from a very sweet romantic song of Gorillaz, Melancholy Hill, which is one of my favorites!
Hope you’ll like them!

I am wearing:

Zara Basics orange dress

Motivi belt

Unknown brand belt from thrift store

Terranova bracelets and necklace with heart also as a bracelet

DIY bralecelts (black and silver)

DIY ring (made by my friend Veronika)

Veronika’s portraits made by me

Have a nice week everyone!

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